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Medicare & Final Expense Insurance in Wilmington NC

It can be hard to know what the right burial insurance options & Medicare plans can provide the best coverage at the right price for your health care needs and budget. At Triangle Life & Health, we consult with individuals all over Wilmington NC to help them find the right policies for them.

We work with a number of different private insurance companies that have different coverage levels and premiums which can fit almost any needs.

Contact the independent insurance agents at Triangle Life & Health today and we will give you a free consultation and quote on your final expense insurance and Medicare in Wilmington. You can reach us online or by calling (919)679-9911 today!

Final Expense & Burial Insurance Wilmington

With the costs of funerals rising, there is a reason that final expense insurance and burial insurance has become so popular. Did you know that the average funeral in North Carolina costs $7500 dollars? This is just the average cost, so it doesn’t include any add-ons or premium services that you or your loved ones may want for the service. Often times, funeral expenses aren’t anticipated, especially if your passing was unexpected, which can place financial strain on your family or loved ones.

As independent burial insurance brokers, we work with many different final expense insurance carriers in Wilmington. We will ask the right questions to understand your coverage needs and budgets and help you select a policy that will give you and your family peace of mind after you are gone.

Unlike with life insurance, a burial insurance policy doesn’t require a medical check up and your rates will never go up as long as you are current on your payments. Burial insurance can also pay out within 24 to 48 hours of your passing. Contact one of the Wilmington burial insurance experts at Triangle Life & Health today and get a quote in hours.

Understanding Your Medicare Options in Wilmington, NC

As you turn 65 years old, you become eligible for the federally managed health insurance program known as Medicare. Medicare helps you cover your hospital stays, health care needs, and doctors visits. Although there is some coverage provided, all services under original Medicare do come with out-of-pocket charges. However, there are optional Medicare options that can help you with these costs and get you coverage for prescription drugs. You qualify for Original Medicare in Wilmington if any of the following statements apply to you: 

  • You are under 65 with an approved Medical Condition
  • You are 65 or older
  • You are suffering from End State Renal Disease (ESRD), this includes those in need of dialysis or a kidney transplant.

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Different Options For Medicare In Wilmington, North Carolina

Wilmington Original Medicare (Medicare Part A & Medicare Part B)

Medicare Parts A + B cover a portion of your healthcare services, however, they often always include an out-of-pocket cost for services. Prescription drugs are usually not covered under your original medicare in Wilmington, so if you need prescription drug coverage, you will need to look into Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D insurance coverage. If you have a Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B policy, you can choose any doctor you wish to see, as long as they are enrolled in Medicare and are accepting new Medicare patients. 

Medicare Part A – Covers nursing home care, hospital care, home health care services and visits to other medical facilities. 

Medicare Part B – Covers preventative & necessary medical supplies and care such as doctor visits, medical supplies and outpatient care services.

Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage in Wilmington, NC

Your original Medicare plan may not provide the right amount of coverage for your needs. If this is the case for you it might be worth looking into a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare Advantage takes the place of Medicare A + B and is managed by a private insurance carrier, sometimes with no monthly premium. Medicare advantage can provide prescription drug coverage as well as Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), Special Needs Plans (SNP), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), Medicare Savings Account Plans, and Private Fee For Service Plans (PFFS).

Most Medicare Advantage Plans in Wilmington have different deductible and co-pay costs. Because we work with a number of different private Medicare Advantage carriers, we can find you the plan that will best suit your coverage needs and budget.

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Medigap & Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Wilmington, NC

If you are already enrolled in Medicare Part A + Medicare Part B in Wilmington, you are eligible for a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan or Medigap Plan.

  These plans require a separate monthly premium to a private insurance company, in addition to what you are already paying for original Medicare and are only available to individuals, which means if you are married your spouse would require a separate policy.

A Medigap plan helps you cover the costs of co-pays, coinsurance, and deductibles, but they do not offer prescription drug coverage. Medigap plans are always renewable and you can not be denied coverage if you develop chronic health issues.

Medicare Part D & Prescription Drug Coverage in Wilmington

With Medigap and Original Medicare insurance policies, many people find themselves not covered for the cost of prescription drugs. Medicare Part D is a great option if you are on your original Medicare or Medigap policy. If you are interested in getting a discount on your prescription drug coverage contact the independent insurance agents at Triangle Life & Health and find out how Medicare Part D can help you.

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It can be difficult to understand which burial insurance & Medicare options are right for you. As independent insurance brokers, we help customers understand their options for final expense insurance as well as Medicare Insurance in Wilmington NC.

We can help you understand which Medicare options are right for you, including: Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage, Medigap & Medicare Supplemental Insurance, as well as Medicare Part A + Part B.  We provide our services in Wilmington and all over the rest North Carolina, including the following cities and towns: Asheville, Raleigh, Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Apex, Cary, Fayetteville, Sanford, Southern Pines, Rocky Mount, Matthews, and beyond. Call our burial insurance agents and Medicare brokers in Wilmington today online or by calling (919)679-9914 or by contacting us online.

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