Understanding Medicare & The Options Available To You

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You become eligible for Medicare, the federally operated medical insurance program, when you turn 65. Original Medicare, also known as Medicare Parts A & B provides some coverage for medical visits, hospital stays, home healthcare and other healthcare needs.

However, Original Medicare does require you to pay a premium and there are usually additional out of pocket expenses for medical services and supplies. Original Medicare also doesn’t cover most of your prescription drug needs. 

Some folks may want different coverage that can better suit their health care needs. At Triangle Life & Health we work with multiple carriers in different cities and states, so we can help you understand the options available for your needs and budget.

Medicare Part A & Part B (Original Medicare)

Medicare Part A covers hospital visits, long term health facility needs, nursing homes, home healthcare and more.

Medicare Part B covers necessary medical care, medical supplies and preventative medical needs & services.

Medigap & Medicare Supplemental Insurance

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For some people, Medicare Part A & Part B do not offer the right coverage for all of their health care needs. Medigap (or a Medicare Supplement Policy) can often make more sense than just keeping the coverage with your original Medicare plan.

Medigap requires you to pay a separate monthly premium for a policy with a private insurance carrier. Medigap can help you cover the cost of coinsurance, co-pays, and deductibles, but does not cover prescription drugs.

Medigap plans require you to be enrolled in both Medicare Part A & Medicare Part B and can only cover a single individual, so if you are married your spouse would need to have their own Medigap policy.

Once you enroll in a Medigap Policy, your plan is always renewable and you can not be denied for coverage, even if you develop a chronic health issue. Your policy can not be canceled so long as your premiums are paid on time.

Medicare Advantage Options (Medicare Part C)

Medicare Advantage is a Medicare plan that is managed by a private insurance carrier and takes the place of your federally managed Medicare Part A + B plan. Medicare Advantage Plans offer benefits such as Private Fee For Service Plans (PFFS), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), and Special Needs Plans (SNP).

Because Triangle Life & Health is an independent licensed insurance representative, we work with Aetna, Humana, and UnitedHealthcare as well as multiple other carriers to make sure that you get the premiums you can afford and the coverage that best suits your health care needs.

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage


Medicare Part D is a prescription drug coverage policy that can help you cover the rising costs of medical prescriptions. Because Medicare Supplement plans don’t offer prescription drug coverage, Medicare Part D plans can help keep the costs of your medication affordable.

If you are interested in a prescription drug Medicare Part D policy, talk to our independent licensed insurance representatives today. Medicare Part D, or Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage can help you cover the costs of prescription drugs.

Medicare Part D is a great option for individuals on Medicare Part A + Part B, Medigap or other Medicare policies that do not cover the cost of prescriptions.

If you are interested in getting a Part D Medicare plan, or want to learn more about Medicare Part D, contact one of our licensed agents today!

Why Do You Need Final Expense or Burial Insurance?

Although people don’t like to think about their own passing, it can be important to plan for it so that your family is taken care of in case of tragedy. Funerals get more expensive every year and the average cost of a funeral in America is between $7000 – $12000 dollars.

Even an average funeral, without additional services can place your family and loved ones under financial strain. Unlike with a normal life insurance policy, burial insurance can sometimes pay out in as little to 24-48 hours after you have passed, meaning that your family will have the money necessary for living expenses and funeral expenses as the need arises.

As independent burial insurance agents, Triangle Life & Health works with a variety of different carriers so that we can make sure to find the best coverage for your budget and needs.

Enrolling in a burial insurance policy doesn’t require a medical check up and once you have a policy, the price will never rise and will not be canceled as long as you pay your premiums.

If you, or a loved one, is interested in learning more about final expense insurance, contact one of our agents today.

For Final Expense Insurance & Help Navigating Medicare Contact Triangle Life & Health Today

With all of the different options available to you for Medicare and burial insurance, it can be difficult to know what you should choose for the best coverage.

The independent licensed insurance representatives at Triangle Life & Health are here to help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of Medicare and Final Expense Insurance. We work with a variety of different insurance companies so we can make sure that you find the coverage that you need at a cost that fits your budget.

There is never a cost for our consultation, so schedule your consultation on our calendar or give us a call at (919)689-6565 and we will be in touch shortly to get you a free quote.